Saturday, September 18, 2010


Fish&Chips!!! OOOOoooraaaahhhh.

Ive seen these guys for a long time period since this fixed gear culture kinda started here in JAPAN. People here in Japan talk about bullshit being aggressive on a street or wherever people think it is supposed to be safe... I know it is true that a public place should be protected by government and babylonia police department shit... However, Some people are not able to obey how the society supposed to be or something. I do care, but sorry man, I cant be a smarty pant or cant be A GOOD GUY and shit. I mean, sorry we are super outlaw motherfuc*&... sorry sorry mustache sorry.

whatever... they represent a power of riding and being free in this packed society. Without them, or without us, the world aint never cool place at all bro. haha.

just watch it, and think how you ride.

We aint pedaling, we riding it.

Gawwwd save our lives.

FISH&CHIPS on tour summer `10 from chinkeyviz on Vimeo.


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