Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yeah, I really hate POLICE in the United States...except San Francisco. They just do whatever they feel like.

according to Bike Blog NYC,

"NYC’s critical mass has taken a serious blow over the years. It’s now some sort of ridiculous stand off between the NYPD who won’t back down and a few loyal riders who are brave enough to come out. Last month (June) was no different."

Here is a video of the police blocking the bike lane in order to video tape us while issuing tickets for not riding in the bike lane.

If the critical mass happen in Japan, the ticket will be much higher than in the U.S. i bet. It is good to express what we want to say, but need to think how we roll our concept correctly.


Bike Blog NYCによれば、ニューヨークのクリティカルマスはこの何年もの間続いており、大きくなっている。そこにあるものは、馬鹿げた闘争が頑固なNYPDと、2、3人のチャリンコ乗りの間で起こり、少なからず善良なチャリンコ乗りは素直にチケットをとられていた。らしい。



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