Thursday, July 15, 2010


As I mentioned about What NIKE and RED together doing in the U.S. and in EUROPE to save and help the people who got a AIDS and also to destroy that thing, and they finally finished editing a film. I always wonder why we, as a Japanese, do not do such a thing like that... do we care about more money? rather than helping a people? We just do not care each other? or The government is collapsed now? ... I think there are so many questions and reasons why we dont do here in Japan. I mean, we would like to do something, but we always wait until someone says, " I WILL DO." you know what i mean? Always passive till you got kicked your ass.

anyways, better to tell you how Hypebeast describes about this video first.

"Last December, NIKE partnered with (RED) and made a commitment to fight HIV and Aids in Africa. Hundreds of thousands laced up to support the fight, on the pitch. In the run up to the summer of Football, NIKE took the message of Lace Up Save Lives into some of the most inspiring cities in the world. This is Tied Together. A story about action inspiring reaction. A 120 hours relay race in NYC, London, Milan, Berlin and Paris. Enjoy!"

Im honored that RIP was in this film talking about "BUNCH OF PEOPLE TOGETHER!!!" haha. I will give him a complimentary when I go to TOKYO.

Tide together のフィルムができたそうです。覚えてますか?これが何のイベントだったかを。願わくば、覚えていてほしいです。


文句を言い過ぎてもしょうがないので、HYPEBEAST が書いていた内容を訳します。そして、みんなにビデオを見てもらいたいです。

“昨年12月、NIKEと(RED)がパートナーシップを組み、アフリカのHIVとAIDSに対して戦う事を約束しました。何百もの何千もの人々がそれぞれの場所で戦いました。ワールドカップ開催に向けて、NIKEは、世界でも有数の街にてLACE UP SAVE LIVES(靴ひもをしめて、人の命を助けよう)というメッセージを届けました。Tied Together(助け合い)とは、人々の行動が、人々にインスピレーションを与える大切な事なのです。120時間かけた、ニューヨーク、ロンドン、ミラン、ベルリン、そしてパリのリレーを、存分楽しんでください!”

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