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東京23区の大小さまざまな坂を下るという新たなスタイルのDVD。東京のスケーター・メッセンジャー・デザイナー・DJ やお祭り男などから構成されるメンバーも独特で、の映像に収められている坂はどれもまさに『激坂』である。激坂といっても角度だけのものではない。急勾配の坂はもちろん、東京独特であろう狭い坂、複雑な交通量、かなり圧迫されるT字路など、見た目以上のSKILLや判断力が必要とされるものである。映像ではそれらを100%見せる事はできないが、「東京激坂百戦」に興味をもった人達に、自らその目でその現場にてREALな東京を感じてもらいたいのも彼らの思いでもある。



Oh my gawwwd, Recently, ive realized that people who ride trick shit, they do not know what happened 6 years ago or 7 years ago...Ive asked some of the guys who rides trick bike around my city about MASH crew from San Francisco, they barely know any of it at all. I was really surprised that these guys do not know any of history or how this culture changed into these days.

Anyways, I am super glad that FAR EAST SMOKIN' SKIDDERZ presents this DVD, and it reminds of me San Francsico fuckin sloopy shit. Whitout brake, goind down the hill and get ready for cross street that cars going and coming... your heart is beating so much and feels really scared, but at the same time, feels really really good dude. After you go thru that hell cross, you survived. It is like Las Vegas shit dude. You bet your life on the street, and only you depend will be your sense of ride. Like Travis did on MASH DVD. or Massan... This is also a style of FIXED gear bike and could be a concept of how we loved this stuff.

anyawys, check this DVD, and you will know how hard to ride in TOKYO. They got so many down hills bro. and tiny cross street...cant even take a glance at anywhere when you down on it. You might be crashed so hard by TAXI or just hit yourself onto trees or wall shit.

FAR EAST SMOKIN' SKIDDERZ PRESENTS [TOKYO GEKIZAKA HYAKUSEN] means TOKYO HARDEST 100 DOWNHILLS FIGHTS. check this out. I mean, call and ask SIDECAR, or just come over here and get it in your hands bro. Better see it before its too late.

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