Sunday, August 22, 2010


DEMOLITION MEDIAL 2.0の3ピースクランクが入荷しました!
MID B.B.にも対応する待望のクランクです。

Sprocket Boltが10x1.5mm (x1)でprofileの3/8より太いのでprofileでおこる、


つや消しのFLAT BLACKが入荷してます。

Sizes: 165mm
Spindle: 19mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 3/8" x 24T Flush Mount (x2)
Spindle Splines: 48
Sprocket Bolt: 10x1.5mm (x1)


right now, for the fixed gear bike for trick, people are looking for crank and sprocket to fit in... and all we have seen was not only PROFILE stuff, but seems being No.1 in this kinda bike biz world... However, you have the other choice which is DEMOLITION 3 pieace crank. The difference between PROFILE and DEMOLITION is SPROCKET BOLT. The size is 10x1.5mm (x1) and thicker than PROFILE one, and it makes little bit less effort to put it into and looks perfectly straight. If you doing a spline shit, dont matter.


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