Friday, August 27, 2010




東京23区の大小さまざまな坂を下るという新たなスタイルのDVD。東京のスケーター・メッセンジャー・デザイナー・DJ やお祭り男などから構成されるメンバーも独特で、の映像に収められている坂はどれもまさに『激坂』である。激坂といっても角度だけのものではない。急勾配の坂はもちろん、東京独特であろう狭い坂、複雑な交通量、かなり圧迫されるT字路など、見た目以上のSKILLや判断力が必要とされるものである。映像ではそれらを100%見せる事はできないが、「東京激坂百戦」に興味をもった人達に、自らその目でその現場にてREALな東京を感じてもらいたいのも彼らの思いでもある。



Oh my gawwwd, Recently, ive realized that people who ride trick shit, they do not know what happened 6 years ago or 7 years ago...Ive asked some of the guys who rides trick bike around my city about MASH crew from San Francisco, they barely know any of it at all. I was really surprised that these guys do not know any of history or how this culture changed into these days.

Anyways, I am super glad that FAR EAST SMOKIN' SKIDDERZ presents this DVD, and it reminds of me San Francsico fuckin sloopy shit. Whitout brake, goind down the hill and get ready for cross street that cars going and coming... your heart is beating so much and feels really scared, but at the same time, feels really really good dude. After you go thru that hell cross, you survived. It is like Las Vegas shit dude. You bet your life on the street, and only you depend will be your sense of ride. Like Travis did on MASH DVD. or Massan... This is also a style of FIXED gear bike and could be a concept of how we loved this stuff.

anyawys, check this DVD, and you will know how hard to ride in TOKYO. They got so many down hills bro. and tiny cross street...cant even take a glance at anywhere when you down on it. You might be crashed so hard by TAXI or just hit yourself onto trees or wall shit.

FAR EAST SMOKIN' SKIDDERZ PRESENTS [TOKYO GEKIZAKA HYAKUSEN] means TOKYO HARDEST 100 DOWNHILLS FIGHTS. check this out. I mean, call and ask SIDECAR, or just come over here and get it in your hands bro. Better see it before its too late.

Monday, August 23, 2010

funny pics from JOEY THE GRIME

これはマイク・シュミットのセットアップ 参考までに。
ギア比 33 x 13
33t Tree Lite
wethepeople cranks
animal seatpost with a shim
animal seat
animal stem.

where is joey krillz?

yoshi47 limited Tee

サイドカーにてyoshi47 limited 2010 T-shirtが販売されています!もう二度と作らない限定商品なため、お早めにお買い求めください。

Heey wassup guys outhere, SIDECAR now has yoshi47 limited edition Tee selling out. yoshi47 was telling that he will not produce this design tee anymore. This tee is really good at super hot summer day. It makes you feel super lite and cool down.

wanna buy it?

click here

Sunday, August 22, 2010

VolumeBIKE Thrasher Fork in STOCK!!

The Thrasher frame and Fork were both specifically designed for abuse. From the heat treatment to the tubing used, we wanted the absolute strongest forks on the market. With the longer TT on the Thrasher frames and steeper HT angle, we really wanted/ had to have a fork to put the frames geometry to it's proper specs. We decided to go with a standard A2C length and also made the aethtics similar to the Thrasher Frame.



Steerer Tube: 1-1/8" Threadless
Steerer Tube Length: 300.0 mm
Fork Rake: 32.0 mm
Axle to Crown Length: 405 mm
Crown Race: 30.0
Dropouts: 4.0 mm
Weight: 2 lbs 6 oz (with 300 mm steerer)
Material: 4130 Heat-Treated CRMO
Colors: Flat Black, Raw
Lifetime Warranty


Fu manchuのフォークも再入荷しています。


DEMOLITION MEDIAL 2.0の3ピースクランクが入荷しました!
MID B.B.にも対応する待望のクランクです。

Sprocket Boltが10x1.5mm (x1)でprofileの3/8より太いのでprofileでおこる、


つや消しのFLAT BLACKが入荷してます。

Sizes: 165mm
Spindle: 19mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 3/8" x 24T Flush Mount (x2)
Spindle Splines: 48
Sprocket Bolt: 10x1.5mm (x1)


right now, for the fixed gear bike for trick, people are looking for crank and sprocket to fit in... and all we have seen was not only PROFILE stuff, but seems being No.1 in this kinda bike biz world... However, you have the other choice which is DEMOLITION 3 pieace crank. The difference between PROFILE and DEMOLITION is SPROCKET BOLT. The size is 10x1.5mm (x1) and thicker than PROFILE one, and it makes little bit less effort to put it into and looks perfectly straight. If you doing a spline shit, dont matter.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

TIOGA in stocks!!



冷間鍛造2014 T-6 アルコア・スパージュラルミン使用したタフで軽量なステム。突き出しは27.5mmと極端に短く、ハンドルクランプ径は25.4mmでピストにも最適。スタックハイトは45mmで肉抜きされたステムはとても軽量で重さは110g。



700C×38Cで50〜75 PSIと空気圧もしっかり確保できガッツリとステアーを飛んでもリム打ちしにくいのも嬉しい特徴です。





to those who live in Japan and wanna do some tricks with much thick and powerful tire, and also stem that you wanna make it lighter and lighter but also make it shorter and shorter...

anyways, what we recommend today is going to be "TIOGA" products. Some trick riders have been using this tire and some parts from TIOGA already, but still being in a top rank of hard core shit riders.

Some people in TOKYO saying that why we need to move onto 26 inches? the reason is really simple though... just because it is fun. thats it man. So, dont even care about how people think about doing a trick with a different bikes. Do whatever you feel like and make the differences bro.

if you want to buy TIOGA products, just visit here and click it. its simple.

wanna get?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010



Joseph Gordon Levit って知ってる?今回の映画でインセプションに出てくる人。かなりアメリカではやばい俳優になっているらしいんだけれど、彼がなんと★★★に挑戦するらしい。だからオースティンが指導してるみたいな。この★★★がいつぶちこんでくるのか、ワールドワイドなのか。日本に来たら、もしかしたら★★★がもてる気がするのは俺だけ?だからといって、★★★にあこがれたから、★★★になりたいだなんておもっちゃいけないよ。本当に★★★になりたいのなら、その★★★の会社にとって利益が数倍もでる営業から始めるべきだと思う。

SUP MANG!!! 700c FRAME is just like this!!!

YO MANG! is 26 inches frame.

SUP MANG! is 700c frame. It is called YO MANG! but on the other side of the world, it is called SUP MANG! If somebody in Japan call 700c as YO MANG! thats fake dude. we call 700c as SUP MANG! that co-founder JOEY THE KRILLZ says so.

YO MANG!は、26インチのフレームのことを言う。

SUP MANG!は、700cのフレームのことを言う。YO MANG!って製品目には書いてあるけれど、傍らの世界ではSUP MANG!って呼ぶのが通。ジョイがそういってるからさ。しょーがないでしょ。

Monday, August 2, 2010


Smells like ONE SPOT shit




Sunday, August 1, 2010

AGAIN, Don't steal bikes bro!!!

my friend's bike got stolen near graham and grand in Brooklyn NYC. this is what it looks like and this is the parts list.

☆phil's to silver mavic open pros
☆sugino 75's,49t sugino 75 chain ring
☆solo carbon seat post
☆fizik aliante sport saddle
☆thomson 50mm stem with nitto risers
☆there is a small dent in the seat tube

the right side of the down tube is more scratched than the left.

help me get my girl back! reward to whoever gets it to me.

don't steal bikes bro!

contact SIDECAR, or contact THE GRIME

僕の友達ルークの自転車が鍵をかけてたのにも関わらず、盗まれてしまいました。ドジで盗まれた訳ではないので、みなさんもしアジア、日本にて売られるような事があれば、すぐにサイドカー、もしくは、THE GRIMEへ報告をしてあげてください。