Monday, February 28, 2011

BURRO is the one for you

now here it is Mike Schmitt has been sponsored by BURRO, Jacksonville FL, and his signature strap model is coming up soon around MAY in the U.S. first...and will be in SIDECAR as well.

here is his words

Burro has been my sponsor longer than anyone, they are all great dudes with red white and blue blood. Doing everything by hand in Jacksonville Florida means some things can take time; this is one of those times. Myself and Burro have been going back and fourth for over 6 months on a strap that has been finalized and re-worked countless times. Soon production will start on the Mike Schmitt pro edition Burro strap. This strap system features a "mouth" style velcro system, the width tapers towards your crank arm leaving more material on the outer edge. The amount of material on top pf your foot is less so thick so keeping it comfortable on any type of shoe. No metal buckles or clips; just as Burro has always offered. The most exciting part of this is the clear window for complete customization. Any image (preferably laminated) can be slid into the clear sleeve of the strap. You can color match the image to your bars, or put a picture of your grand parents inside. If you wanted to you could slide in your receipts from a hot date you had; maybe you just want to fill it with baby photos of yourself. Your only limit is your brain. This is the most comfortable way to keep your feet on the pedals. Dont get it twisted; Burro is the real deal. American riders making products with their bare hands.

-Mike Schmitt







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