Friday, July 8, 2011

THE GRIMEに新しいメンバーが!

Anthony Combs. Straight out of San Jose. Is the first rider from the West Coast to become a a full-time GRIME TEAMMATE. Technical. Big. And amazing control. Keep an eye out for this kid because in the next few years, he will be bringing the sport to an entirely new level. While his riding is amazing and groundbreaking, his demeanor remains calm, collected and humble. Anthony is someone who genuinely loves to ride and being part of GRIME is only an added bonus. After many prospects, we are proud and honored to have him on our team. Thanks homie!

通称:アンソニー“レックレス”コームス/Wreckless「レックレス」ってのは怖い物知らずって意味。サンホゼ出身。THE GRIMEライダーとして初の西海岸出身!技術はもちろん、体が大きい。そしてコントロールはバツグン!あと数年で、フィックスシーンを新たなレベルへひきあげるだろうと西海岸の野郎たちに言われている一目置かれた存在だ。


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