Saturday, June 12, 2010


According FIXIKA, also known as HAKUSHAKU, presents his own HOW TO TRICK DVD called "TRICK DICTIONARY"

FIKIKA ... He is well known as "pop a wheelie prince", who is able to do a wheelie by any kinds of bikes. He is also known as weird guy. He recommends this DVD to the people who have not known the TRACK bike, kinda bored already, like to ride but don't know how to trick, and also those who think that TRACK BIKE trend is over...

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「どんな自転車でもウイリーできる人」で世界的に有名な変わりもの。ピストの世界ではけっこー名の通ったライダーです。ちょっと真面目にDVDを作ってみたのであります。まだピストを持っていない人、持っているけど飽きてきた人、乗るのは好きだけどトリックまでやる気はない人、一時のピストビームが過ぎたなーってと思っている人に最高の1本かと。トリック系ピストハウツーの決定版だぁ~! From 伯爵 a.k.a FIXIKA



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