Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Last day in San Francisco

Last day in SF was surprisingly funny moment. I mean, I am terribly sorry for what I did when the whole party got really excited and felt like we were going to drink till super late... but it did not happen because of me.

Anyways, after we came back from OAKLAND, we gathered up @ uptown first. We met mustache ROB there, and it was great to meet him since we had not met each other for a long time. I saw his bike and it still remained the same except a PINKY wheel. I called TRAVIS (Freight Baggage) to let him know where we were, but unfortunately he recently moved to Oakland and he was there... ohhh Travis, ohhh travis. After a few min, my old roommate, whose name is YAS (noa as an artist name), joined us then we moved to Bender's by walking, skating, pedaling with a full of free atmosphere.

At bender's, James' girlfriend, and Casey and his girlfriend joined us and we were talking about whatever bullshit stuff. The funniest thing is ROB was talking about how many times he took pictures of his own major in the toilet, and he showed off to everyone and it was gross, but at the same time, it was so funny that made me realize and remind who he was. I am glad that he did not even change himself anything. haha.

By the way, we found a ID card which has a Sexual Benet face on, and we were so laughing about his whatever ID though. I called him if he was coming over to join us, but somehow he called ROB and never answered. I knew that he was celebrating his girlfriend's b-day. haha. I let him do his own duty.

Yes, finally I am able to talk what I did.

I LEFT MY BAG with a Passport, wallet, and everything I need to be in the U.S. legally. I was going to give them SIDECAR stickers and I went back to a car and tried to look for my black bag, but could not even see it anywhere. I wondered, WHERE THE FUCK MY BAG AT? so, i went back to the bar if I just got too much drunk and forgot about where I put it. I was like, ahhh never mind I can find out my bag just in a sec... Don't worry everyone...However, I could not even find it anywhere at bender's.... Casey's girlfriend called UPTOWN immediately for me already and she made sure that they did not carry any.... I was like... OH MY GOSH. Even I was super drunk and hyped up, I tried to concentrate myself and trace my memory back to Oakland... finally I found it at Montano Velo. I left my bag over there and it was about midnight.... we needed to go back to Montano Velo at midnight..... I was really sorry and felt so bad that I am going to leave SF just like this. As everyone knows already who I am.... I sometimes do such a thing like that. The funniest thing was James were trying to explained how to get to the freeway and Oakland, he was super drunk like I was. So, NOTHING made any sense though. haha.

anyways, yeah i found it, i mean MR. Jason Montano found it and waited for me in front of his shop late at night.... sorry and thanks Jason.

Montano Veloにさよならを言った後、ジェームスを乗っけてサンフランシスコへ帰宅。みんなで飲もうということになり、通しか知らない古株メッセンジャーの集まり場所であるUPTOWNへ。しかし、混みようが半端ないので、昔のルームメイトであるYAS君(noa)が来た後すぐにbender'sへ。トラビス(フライトバゲージ)に電話して、来なよって言ったら、あらまトラビス最近オークランドに引っ越ししたって言い始めてさ。じゃあまた今度でって。いつになるか分かんないけれど。まあベンダーズへいって、昔良く集まってたなって感じでそりゃそっこーブルーリボンですよ。安くて、水のようなビール。仕事の終わりにはぐいぐい体に水分として入るので、サンフランシスコのメッセンジャーには愛用されてるビールです。まあごくごく飲みまくりの中、Casey Plemonsと彼女、そしてJamesの彼女ケイティーが登場。まあケイティーは美人です。ジェームスも『こんな美人で素晴らしくてパーフェクトな彼女はいない』って彼女がいないときに絶賛してたから本気なんでしょーね。その後、ひげロブが自分のうんこを毎日携帯で写真とっているってことを話しながら嘘でしょって言ってたら証拠写真がものすごくでてくるわけよ。毎日撮ってるわけよ。まあ昔のロブとまったく変わってないから嬉しかったけれどね!とりあえず、テーブル見てたらSexual BenetのIDが貼付けてあるやん。まじ笑った。たくさんある知らない野郎どものIDの中に俺がすぐベネットを探し当てたからもうみんな最高潮の気分になってしまって、ベネットにも電話かけたら、出ないし、かと思ったらロブに電話かかってきて、ロブが出たら切れるし、意味分からないまま思い出したのが、メールで彼女の誕生日だから一緒に飲めるか分かんないっていってたから、まあしょうがないってことで、みんなにサイドカーのステッカーをあげるよっ!ってカバン車の中だからもってくるねって走っていったら、かばんがねーの!どこにもねーの!酔い過ぎかと思いつつしっかりしたけれどねーの!すぐもどって、テーブルのどっかに置いてあるでしょって思ったら、ねーの!まああせることなかれ、世界のどこかに必ずあるはずだし、そんな本気ミステイクをするわけねーって思い、だんだんあせる俺.明日ニューヨークですよ。パスポート、財布、全てカバンですよ。ケイシーの彼女が今までの軌跡に対して電話かけてくれて、全部無いって確認してくれたから、もうしぼられるのは一つしかなく、それはオークランドのモンタノさんの自転車屋。記憶ががっつり合わさり、すぐさまオークランドへと思いきや、ジミージェームスが、『おい!フリーウェイの行き方を教えてやる!だから俺の話を聞け』なんつってフリーウェイとは全く違う話になり、ただの酔っぱらいトークに。俺も酔っぱらってたから、まあバカ同士の支離滅裂トークになり、最後はもうジェームスに力がなくなり、お別れ。




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