Sunday, June 20, 2010

WE just use the space that is wasted by people who don't ride a bicycle.

I met Lucas Brunelle a few years ago in TOKYO for a Bike Film Festival. We talked about how we ride and survive in a heavy traffic and narrow spaces in TOKYO. I told him that we just need to get used to be in a small places, just like in San Francisco, need to get used to a huge slopy road and super down hill shit. On top of that, we more talked about the excitement of the ride in the city , and I think this is what we want to express more than a trick itself. Blood, Surviving, Hurts, and everything comes to you. What I wanna say is there is a trick world, but on the other hand, we should not forget this is the root of our bike culture.

Here is his film that I really admire.



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